Shakes&Fidget Database Roadmap

  • Collect and fix issues

Shakes&Fidget Database Change Log


  • Buggy Custom Simulate feature


  • Changed Ads a bit
  • Mobile support for bot stuff (doesn't require flash anymore)
  • Fixed Estimate Settings


  • Speeded up a lot of thing by utilizing multiple cores in one request


  • Added Max Beers option to bot settings


  • Added more detailed info about quests in bot log
  • Moved tavern tab refresh to Open Tavern Screen from Start Quest action


  • Fixed bot infinite loop when inventory full and equip items disabled


  • Has Mirror option in bot settings
  • Fixed LastPvP time that was buggy because latest game server uses same response for quest finish and pvp finish.


  • Nice bot update feature.
  • Added shops to current player view with bot update.
  • Added bot update for dungeons.
  • Simplified bot upload album experience and code.
  • Mirror stuff?


  • Added Equip Item bot setting.
  • Human-friendly bot actions.
  • Last 20 bot actions are saved in log.


  • Fancy bootstrap design.
  • Probably fixed new items in Album detection showing too much new items.
  • Fixed and found some minor issues.


  • Moved everything to .Net 4.5 and MVC 5.1.
  • Remove captcha from Registration form.


  • Fixed password recovery.
  • Added mushrooms donated and beers to players summary.
  • Guild donations (minimum formatting for easy copy-pasting to Excel).


  • Site now uses newest versions of javascript libraries. If you see any errors try to refresh the page by pressing F5.
  • Bot
    • Stable waiting when SFDB web site is down or connection problems.
    • PvP Min Chance can be configured more accurately.


  • Tell a friend rewards were disabled because many users registered random players. When thses players tried to register themself they haven't received 3 days Platinum.


  • Estimate vs targets
  • Best quest exp rate for character level is now calculated on per-server basis.
  • Bot
    • Videos on how to set up bot in Chrome and Firefox



  • We reached 100 users!
  • Tell a friend bonuses
  • Some help pages
  • Site does not count red quests in best exp rate for level calculations
  • Sadly, but it was necessary to clear best exp rate for level history starting from level 94...
  • Bot
    • Fixed relogin in password mode


  • Added ability to change password
  • Increased session/login timeout
  • Bot
    • Few help pages
    • Buggy relogin when using player password
    • Fixed Album PvP type
    • Added config option to not attack guild members


  • Added email verification
  • Bot
    • Added ExpShortest quest selection algorithm
    • Fixed issue with last quest after 10 beers


  • Fixed hall of fame Error!
  • Dungeons info
  • Next dungeon bosses info
  • Dungeon simulate
  • Bot
    • Register for Guild battles
    • Fixed TAVERN...CHAR..TAVERN hang
    • Dungeons
    • Changed configuration layout


  • Prev/Next buttons in Best Players for Album
  • Bot
    • Wait if server problems


  • New estimate algorithm
  • Few interface changes
  • Server timer
  • Bot
    • Waits for PvP
    • Next action timer
    • Tries to ignore exceptions in game response processing
    • Few fixes


  • Stat upgrade costs
  • Guild upgrade costs
  • Stat & Item estimates
  • Keys item type
  • Bot
    • Uses best equipment
    • Top priority quests with kets
    • Album PvP type now shifts Albut Start Player/Rank to next pages if no new items or can't kill anyone with items
    • Can wait for PvP
    • Can take quests with better items or epic items
    • Sells worst equip/uses hp potion/uses worst potion/sells worst potion when need to take quest with item and iventory full
    • Upgrades stats
    • Deposites gold to guild
    • Collect Gold


  • Fixed url encoding problem for non-ASCII symbols in names
  • Best players for album search
  • Added Invited guild rank
  • Invited players are skipped in guild simulation
  • Bot
    • Login
    • Album updates
    • Quests for Exp/Gold
    • PvP: None/Album/Honor/Victory
    • When all quests finished: Guard/PvP


  • Albums
  • Guild simulation


  • Website up with basic functionality