How To

  1. View player/guild info
  2. Select best players to kill for album
  3. Manage multiple User Accounts from the same browser
  4. Bot
    1. Login
    2. Configure
    3. Enable/Disable
  5. Contact us
  6. Delete your account

View player/guild info

Click on "Hall Of Fame" in menu. Then click on guild or player name.

Select best players to kill for album

This functionality is only available to Gold and Platinum users
First you need to upload your album by clickin "Album-Upload Album" in main menu.
Follow the instructions on upload page.
After you uploaded your album you can search for Best players by choosing "Album-Best Players for Album" in main menu.
Dont forget to re-upload updated album after you kill anyone.

Manage multiple User Accounts from the same browser

To login with diffrent user accounts at the same time you can use SFDB aliases:Every alias handle it's own user session so you can login with User1 on and with User2 on at the same time.

Use bot

How to Login

Select "Bot-Login" from main menu.
Either enter Session Id and press "Use" or enter in-game Password and press "Ok".
Video guide in Chrome or Firefox
Using bot may cause your account to get banned. Use it on your own risk!

How to Configure bot

Select "Bot-Edit Settings" from main ment.
Follow the instructions on Edit Settings page to get more information.

How to Enable or Disable bot

Select either "Bot-Enable" or "Player-Info" from main menu.
Click on Enable/Disable button.
Player page must be opened to run bot! If you go to another page bot will stop!
Sometimes bot may hang or disconnect.
We are working hard to fix this, but for now you can just re-enable it(better also hit F5 to refresh the page).

How to Contact Us

If you have problems or need help you can email to
If you found a bug or want new features you can email to
Our team will answer you as soon as possible!

How to delete your account

If for some reason you want to delete your SFDB account you can use this page.
Hope you will change your mind soon! :)